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I am a freelance photographer living in Jerusalem many years. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and did a degree at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. in psychology and community advocacy studies.

I love using my camera to document community projects and advocacy work –providing a visual window into  good work done in Israel and abroad. I’ve also enjoyed thousands (!) of opportunities of photographing families at the times of their celebrations: bar and bat mitzvahs, engagements, weddings, birthdays and, of course, family portraits in general. I specialize in taking/ creating portraits.

My most published photograph (a Jewish and Palestinian boy arm in arm) has appeared in countless publications, websites, Facebook pages, books, exhibits in subways and even on billboards on highways. Used more often than not without my knowledge or permission, it seems to be an image with a life of its own.  Presenting a  dilemna on many levels, at least I hope the  message of the photograph promotes peace…

Some of my photographs are available as fine art prints that can be purchased either for individuals, organizations or community display.

I am available for documentary, editorial and portrait assignments as well as family photographs. I am happy to take on short term or long term projects. I am known for being easy to work with, quick and spontaneous. I work well with natural settings and can put people at ease who might not love being photographed (I have a soft spot for photographing reticent clients).

Please contact me by email or phone for assignments in Israel or abroad, or for acquiring photographs.

DEBBI COOPER Photographer                                                                                                                                                                                    Phone +972 2 6717360



A View into My Photography Work

Some Organizations Photographed:

JDC (Joint Distribution Committee), UJC ( United Jewish Communities), IFCJ ( Int’l Fellowship of Christians and Jews), NIF (New Israel Fund), Sha’arei Zedek, Hadassah Women,Alyn Hospital, Jerusalem Foundation, Naamat Women, Machon Pardes, Hebrew University, Koren Publishers, Beit Morasha.


Beit Hatefutzot (Museum of the Diaspora), ICCI, MaTan’s Art Gallery, Jerusalem Women’s Center , Hartman Institute, Kiryat Moriah, Memphis JCC’s Art Center and a group exhibit at the Youth Wing, Israel Museum.


Moment Magazine, Lilith Magazine, Hadassah Magazine, Babaganewz Magazine, Harvard Magazine, PastForward , Bnei Brit Magazine, Naamat Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, The New York Times, Eretz Magazine and others.

Examples of Projects:

JDC Jewish community in Romania
JDC Jewish community in Odessa
Ethiopia Waiting for Aliya
AJWS (American Jewish World Service) Study Tour in Ethiopia
Bar/Bar Mitvah for the Special Child Program
PACT programs through the JDC
Gan Horim children’s portraits through the years
Tent protest in Tel Aviv

Commissioned Portraits:

Aviva Zornberg, Linda Zisquit, Michael Oren, Moshe Rosman, Mordechai Bar-On, Natan Sharansky, Avital Sharansky, Gershom Gorenberg, David Rosenberg, Avi Steinberg, Aloma Halter, Joan Leegant, Haim Watzman, Beverly Gribetz and others